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About us

School.O is an innovative new platform in continuing education. Nashville entrepreneur Greg Hallmark, creator and founder of School.O, says, "Recent experience has opened my eyes to the need for alternative education sources, specifically short, introductory and intermediate classes that don't require an large investment of money or time. Looking around, I found that there is an unmet demand for these types of classes. School.O is a platform for meeting that demand."

According to experts, there is a movement in the alternative education space that is re-thinking what education means and how it should be delivered. Generically, this movement is called Education 2.0. While much of the Education 2.0 movement is focused on on-line delivery, Hallmark sees School.O as a means of bringing personal, specific, instruction to students in "real space", while providing a venue for people with similar interests to meet.

Equally important, School.O is a way for experts in many and various fields to monetize their knowledge and experience. "There is a massive amount of untapped value sitting around in people's heads", Hallmark says. "It's called knowledge. Other people are willing to pay for this knowledge. School.O is a marketplace for this exchange. Sort of like an eBay of the mind; but instead of creating a market to sell physical items, School.O creates a marketplace for skill, intelligence, and experience."

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